This busy border crossing between the states of Texas and Tamaulipas, Mexico is the home of numerous stories of migration.

One of the stories we heard first-hand was that of Thomas Koblecky - a U.S. citizen from the Midwest who met Yirit, a Mexican national, while working at Home Depot with her.

When they decided to marry, they told the government the truth about her immigration status. As a result, Yirit was deported and Thomas had no other choice but to move to Mexico to keep the family together.

While in the vicinity of McAllen, we visited La Lomita, the first mission built by Oblate Catholic priests who ministered to native populations on the border beginning in the 1840s.

Father Roy Snipes and his co-priests - present day Oblates - live in Mission, Texas, where they work with both new and old immigrants on the border.