After staying in the copper-mining-turned-tourist town of Bisbee, Arizona for a night, we decided to take the twelve-mile jaunt to the border at Naco and to cross into Mexico just to see what was on the other side.

Crossing the border without so much as a wave from the guards, we realized quickly that Naco, Chihuahua had no tourist trade, and very little caught our attention there. We stayed for all of ten minutes, turned around, and headed back.

Our attempt to enter the U.S., however, was not so quick. The ICE officers stationed at this sleepy site began searching through our vehicle, took all of our papers into their office, and held us for nearly an hour, asking such questions as why Hope's passport had been stamped in El Salvador.

A Mexican man watched from the side of the station and said aloud, "I've seen this on TV, but I've never seen it in person." We felt like criminals.

Of course the officers found nothing of interest in the end, but after that incident Hope realized her notebook filled with details on all the places we'd visited was missing.